Flightaware why do you delete my post?


Why are the staff at flightaware deleting my information post and all this without telling me?
Very weird…
@sylvainfaust on twitter


The number of posts shown below your name is 7 as of my posting this. This is cumulative. It includes deleted posts. When I searched for your posts by going to your profile, 7 posts showed. As I said, there is 7 posts indicated below your name. So, the problem appears to be on your side.

David (not a moderator)


Where is this one now?


I remember that post - it basically was an ad. So, it appears the number of posts listed doesn’t show the total number posted including deleted ones. Must have changed the software.

Though you may not agree, the moderators of this or any other forum have the right to delete anything that they feel like deleting. It’s their forum after all.


TOU violation: spam/self-promotion