tocumen international airport !!

tocumen international airport is the biggest airport in central america it is the only one with 2 runways and one big terminal with 30 boarding bridges 22 telescopetype bridge the largest runway has 3050meters long x46meters wide equals 10006 ft long x140ft is all concrete runway full ILS cat III (future expansion to 4200mts long 14500ft) the 2nd runway is 2686 mts long x 65mts wide =8800ftx200ft ( future expansion to 3600mts =13000ft) it has 9 taxiways concrete type it has one cargo terminal and 1 pasenger terminal the airport is in a expansion project of 70million dollars spect to be ended in january2007 it is copa airlines home base the famous “HUB DE LAS AMERICAS” :smiley: it have 60 airlines serving tocumen airport including cargo airlines


Really I mean it’s nice to know that but is this like a plug for it?

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Interesting post though, even though after reading it, I still don’t know where tocumen - er, I mean Tocumen is. After googling it, it appears to be in Panama!

Anyway, my airport (KIAD)
is bigger than your airport! Mine has THREE runways (with a fourth one being built)! The shortest one is longer than your longest! :stuck_out_tongue:

Random aviation fact of the day?

Central America.

Panama City to be exact

I thought Panama City was in Florida?

The capital city of Panama and the vacation town in Florida share the same name.

It was a joke…

I know the difference between Panama City and Panama City Beach, FL

Not only is there a Panama City Beach but also a Panama City in Florida.

Here’s an interesting tidbit about the naming of the city:

The City of “Panama City” was formed in 1905, when the United Fruit Company of New Orleans went on strike. The Vice President of United Fruit decided to relocate his company to a port easily accessible to his most important Central American connection… specifically, Panama City, Panama.

In an effort to attract this desirable source of new jobs, local business leaders named the unincorporated area, Panama City. The bid for United Fruit was lost to Tampa, Florida, but the name, “Panama City,” stuck.

This, and other details about the Panama City area, can be found at

I don’t take that kind of stuff for granted on internet forums anymore. :wink:

I mean, someone on “announced” the new A380 in a thread there a few days back. :smiley:

cmr1993’s post was fine with me. What’s wrong with a plain informatiional posting now and then?

As you all point out, proper punctuation and capitalization won’t hurt.

But what’s the point? Maybe if it was new information, but I can spend a minute and a half looking up the same stuff myself.

“plain informational posting?”

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