Timetable for Compass Airlines

Does anyone know where I might be able to get a timetable for Compass Airlines? I don’t find it on their website. Can information from flightaware be used to create a timetable for this small regional operator with 180 flights per day? Any idea if I might be able to get it from one of the serious flight sim airline websites? I’m working on a project for ERJs.

Thanks for any help!

Our custom reports team sells this kind of information. Probably a couple hundred bucks for a one-off, or ~2k for monthly reports for a year.

You would need to find the Delta and American Airlines flight numbers associated with Compass and research those flights.

compassairline.com/aboutus/P … fault.aspx

compassairline.com/aboutus/P … craft.aspx

Thanks @chrisjohnston50

I did start the project by downloading the Delta PDF timetable and writing a program to extract the Compass flights. Unfortunately, AA doesn’t produce a PDF timetable anymore.

Join Airline Pilot Central, and put your request on their forum.

I’m sure you will get a response. Probably several.


airlinepilotcentral.com/airl … s_airlines