Where do you get your flight routes?


Hey all,
First let me say great site. I just found this site from a flightsim forum. As a huge fan of MD80s and flightsim I have been looking for a daily flight route site and I think I found one. :stuck_out_tongue:
My question to you all is, where do you get your flight routes from? Lets say I pull up United Airlines flight 201 (KIAD-KSEA). You show a flight route of ((BUFFR J518 IHD J518 DJB J34 CRL PMM J70 BAE
GEP J36 MLP GLASR6)). Now are you all guessing thats what the route is or is that the route that United filed with ATC today? I would like to fly the same route at the same time because I am sure UALs flight dispatchers are working around weather and winds to help burn the least amount of fuel and so on. That means the route could change based on factors such as weather. Anyway, just wanted to know if these flightplans were generated by FlightAware or if these are the actual flight plans the airline released the aircraft to fly.



The routes displayed on FlightAware as the routes as filed in the flight plan.


Are the routes listed the routes filed, the route as assigned by clearance delivery, or the route flown after accounting for in-flight re-routes?


It is the route as assigned by clearance delivery; we haven’t decided how to display flown vs. assigned yet and we don’t receive every routing update, especially minor changes from approach.