FleetScheduled For Regional Airlines

Is there a way I can use the fleet scheduled options to flights operated by Compass Airlines but only those operated for American? I prefer to use Fleet Scheduled rather that Airline Flight Schedules because I don’t need/want codeshare flights and its cheaper.

What timeframe are the flights you are interested in? Within 24 hours, or longer term in the future?

Are you interested in flight status, or just the scheduled flight times (ie: times originally published on tickets)?

I am looking for flights within 24-hours. I am only interested in the schedules flight times not flight status.


Any Update?

You can call the AirlineFlightInfo function to find out what codeshares it has, for each flight that you find from FleetScheduled.

There is no simpler method for performing more specific filtering server-side at this time.

So if I only want the Compass flight operated for American then I need to use AirlineFlightInfo and pay to pull all of the Compass routes then filter the American codeshare ones?

FlightXML2 is designed to have information incrementally accessed through layered requests, allowing applications to access only the information they need without paying for higher cost information that they do not need. The information returned by AirlineFlightInfo internally comes from a different data provider that requires us to pay a higher royalty to publish it, relative to the data from FlightInfoEx that comes from more widely available data sources.

If you intend to do regular monitoring of just those flights, then you could keep a local database storing which recurring codeshare flights you’d need to consider (a “tuple” of ident+origin+destination) and only invoke AirlineFlightInfo when you encounter a new flight “tuple”.