AirlineFlightSchedules to show non-codeshare flights only


Is there a way so that I can request only the operating carrier flight only (hide all those marketing airline flight) from AirlineFlightSchedules API?


In case of a codeshare flight, actual_ident is the primary identifier used by the operator.


Yes I notice that.
What I am trying to do is to get all scheduled departure flights of a airport in a day.
With the codeshare flight it costs me double on the number of queries.


Right now there is no way to filter codeshares out through the query/parameters. You would have to deduplicate the flights after getting the results.

You’ve probably tested similar queries by now, but here is an example just in case, for flights leaving Heathrow between my chosen start and end date:

Partial result with same flight several times, different codeshares:

{"ident":"JAL7719","actual_ident":"BAW822","departuretime":1454006400,"arrivaltime":1454013300,"origin":"EGLL","destination":"EKCH","aircrafttype":"A319","meal_service":"Business: Meal / Economy: Meal","seats_cabin_first":0,"seats_cabin_business":36,"seats_cabin_coach":77},
{"ident":"CPA7193","actual_ident":"BAW822","departuretime":1454006400,"arrivaltime":1454013300,"origin":"EGLL","destination":"EKCH","aircrafttype":"A319","meal_service":"Business: Dinner / Economy: Dinner","seats_cabin_first":0,"seats_cabin_business":36,"seats_cabin_coach":77},


I’d like to add to the above request to provide a query parameter to filter out codeshare flights. Right now a simple query for a US domestic city pair can require as much as 3-5 times as many queries as actually needed to get the desired results.

For example:

Schedule for LAX-DEN on carrier UA returns 39 results. This means we are charged for 3 calls to AirlineFlightSchedules.

The number of actual flights operated by UA on the LAX-DEN route is 8. This would only be 1 chargeable call to AirlineFlightSchedules.

There is currently no way to avoid this waste of resources for both FlightAware and developers. Can you please consider adding a flag to fix this?

Thank you.


If you specify an airline of ‘UA’ I don’t think you’ll get results for the codeshares by their partners.


Yes, you do.


We may add the capability to exclude codeshare flights in the future, but currently it’s considered a desirable feature for most users to have the codeshares emitted. We recognize that not everyone wants that codeshare information, but that’s currently how that function behaves.