FlightXML2 - AirlineFlightSchedules - eliminate the code shares


I don’t suppose there’s a way to get an AirlineFlightSchedules request without the code shares, is there? I’m really only interested in the actual ident of a given flight. I don’t care what anybody else wants to call it. It would be one thing if I could get everything in a single call - I could filter those out myself - but out of 15 results in a single call, when I get 5 or 6 flights with a bunch of code shares filling in the rest, that results in an unnecessary extra expense for the extra calls I have to make.



The ability to manually exclude codeshares in AirlineFlightSchedules is a feature that was added in the v3 version of the API. It’s possible to use both the v2 and v3 API at the same time since they use the same underlying data. However, this will also mean managing two API keys.