Filtering Codeshares


We are currently evaluating the XML2 API and have to do quite a bit of hefty processing to filter out unwanted codeshare flights from the results.

Our use case is to get all nonstop, direct flights for a city pair on a given date. However, we do not want to show codeshare flights as they are duplicates of the same aircraft, just a different marketing code.

I notice that XML3 Beta has a flag to exclude codeshare flights. That would be useful, but we have several questions that we are unable to answer without signing up for a Silver or greater plan…

  1. If I exclude codeshare flights, will it remove connection carrier flights as well. Specifically we would need to retain Delta connection flights operated by Endeavor, but remove Air France flights that have a DL code on them (basically a redundant flight with a different code/flight #). The Endeavor flights are not duplicates and therefore we need to keep them. Is there a way to achieve this via the query?

  2. If we do exclude codeshares in our query string, how is the API call count incremented? Is it based on the results actually returned, or the full data set prior to FlightAware filtering? I assume the former, but would like to be sure.

  3. Is there any way to get dev/sandbox access to XML3 full features to evaluate prior to signing up? We can’t evaluate the codeshare feature from the free XML account, hence this post.


  1. It appears the only way to receive the regional carriers flights is to use mainline callsign without excluding the code shares.
    This seems somewhat backwards to me, I will file a ticket to confirm this is the only way to receive the and try and put in motion a better way to retrieve the data. Unfortunately, all of the calls and changes to existing calls are not expected to be completed in the near future.

  2. It is the former.

  3. Send me a message and we can discuss whats available.