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FlightXML3 - flights_last_24_hours - no data


my goal is to get all flights of an airline since the last 24 hours. What I did:

First I use the object/element “AirlineInfo” to get the count of “flights_last_24_hours” with a simple echo:

echo "<b>".$result_ai->AirlineInfoResult->name."</b> does <b>".$result_ai->AirlineInfoResult->flights_last_24_hours."</b> flights in the last 24 hours.<br/><hr>";

“Federal Express Corporation does 172 flights in the last 24 hours.”

Alright, FDX does 172 flights in the last 24 hours, so far so good. Now I use “AirlineFlightSchedules” to get the flights since yesterday with “start_date” and “end_date” set and airline with exclude_codeshare = “false”. If I print the array I get:

[faultstring] => NO_DATA No flight schedules found for your query

What is wrong? And yes I have a silver plan subscription.

The NO_DATA error category is used to reflect the fact that the request was performed properly (the parameters were syntactically valid), but no matching results were found.

AirlineFlightSchedules primarily represents commercial passenger services. Dedicated cargo carriers normally aren’t represented in the advance flight schedules. However, filed intent may appear in the FleetBoards scheduled section up to 48 hours in advance of departure.

Alright, I just wondered about. I tested around 20 cargo airlines and only FDX,UPS,BCS wouldn’t gave me proper results. But yes to get cargo airlines is indeed still a big problem.

I’ll try to play around with FleetBoards.