AirlineFlightSchedules Results


I am trying to grab all of the flights for specific airlines between the epoch times of 1501891200 and 1502136250 (three day window), and have had success with most of the airlines I have tried, however I have been failing on a few of them. The airlines I am having trouble with is:

AAY (Allegiant, exclude_codeshare on or off)
PDT (Piedmont, exclude_codeshare off)
JIA (PSA Airlines, exclude_codeshare off)
UPS (exclude_codeshare on or off)
FDX (exclude_codeshare on or off)

The result I return is “[error] => NO_DATA No flight schedules found for your query”. On another note, PDT did return 51 flights, but I this seems a lot lower than I expected.

This is on FlightXML3. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

It appears that we do not have flight schedule information for those airlines at this time, or at least we have limited schedule information for them. Our airline flight schedule information is not very comprehensive for cargo carriers at this time.

Thank you for your reply @conej730. Is there another timeframe that I should use to try and pull schedules for these airlines? I am okay if we cannot get UPS/FDX schedules.

AirportBoards boards (the scheduled struct) would be the place to find them since we don’t have schedule information on the UPS/FDX flights, but you’d have to query for each airport they fly in and out of, and you’ll only see the near-future scheduled flights.

I was able to pull the JIA and PDT schedules by pulling AAL schedules with codeshares turned off. It may be easier for someone else though if the schedules with an actual ident of JIA or PDT could be accessible through their respective ICAO’s however. I don’t think I will be able to get as lucky with Allegiant schedules though.

Thank you!