AirlineFlightSchedules - Issue with AAY?

Trying to get a list of all AAY flights departing KLAS on a given day. I never seem to get anything returned. If I use any other airline, it works.

Here is a sample fot the GET that does not work:
GET /json/FlightXML2/AirlineFlightSchedules?startDate=1462060800&endDate=1462147200&origin=KLAS&howMany=2&airline=AAY

Change it to DAL and it works like a charm.

So I understand you are looking for Allegiant Air flights. I see that FlightAware has some schedules for this AAY to/from Pittsburg KPIT and New Orleans KMSY, but none from KLAS.
Unfortunately this airline may not have a good coverage being a low cost one. The team is trying to improve the schedules, but I am afraid there isn’t any quick solution for you.

Thank you adimic, glad to know its not my code :wink:

What is odd though when i go to choose browse by carrier from the live flight tracking menu i can choose AAY. WHen i do that i do se a number of AAY flights from KLAS.

Does your internal systems not use the same system that your API’s connect to?

That page shows flights today/airborne, they come from multiple data sources, including the ads-b network. Schedules are provided by other third party sources that publish them months before departure. We have contacted them regarding Allegiant Air.
Hopefully it improves. Thanks for letting us know about cases like these.