Advanced alert changing flight? Bug?

I’ve been using flight aware for over a year for flight notifications, and find it so delightful - and so often WAY faster and more accurate than the airline notifications. Tonight when I tried to set up advanced alert for flights tomorrow, something very odd happened. AA 1184 KSJC to KORD shows a flight scheduled for tomorrow on the tracking page, and I can select it. The dates, airports and times appear to be accurate. When I select Advanced notifications, the original airports show up, then it changes to different airports - in this case it was KLAX and KDFW. I retried several times. I then entered as a simple alert on the main page, but it will only send an HTML notification, not an SMS.

I tried the second flight, thinking it might have been a fluke or glitch with the first flight. Second flight is AA 4332, and the exact same thing happened without the airports being filled in, the original airports are shown for a second, then then blank, and the flights I can select are Dallas to Seattle, or Miami to Dallas. The KORD to KSYR flight I’m trying to track isn’t listed.

I’m using Chrome, latest upgrade, and Window 7 latest patch. I cleared cache, in case it was trying to pull info from an old image.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I so appreciate this service, and I would really love to understand what I might have done to goof it up!

I love flightaware, and so appreciate it at times like last Sunday morning when my friend was flying our of Philly just ahead of Sandy. I could see the plane was taxiing, and then could see it had actually departed when the airline reported it had left as soon as it pulled out of the gate. As I’ve been on flights that have NOT actually left the ground for over 6 hours, and ended up back at the airport with my flight cancelled, it was invaluable to me to know my friend had actually gotten off the ground, and it was safe for me to leave. She’s flying back tomorrow, and I have the airline all set up with alerts, but so value the more timely and accurate alerts I get from FlightAware.

Update 11/4/12 - I tried it with MSIE, same problem. Is it possible I don’t have something enabled - a plug in or something? :bulb: :question:

We’ll investigate this issue on the website. Meanwhile, you can manually edit the alert to have the correct date and origin/destination after creating it.