AA #2270 on 1/2


We are using the XML2 API and received some feedback from one of our users that AA #2270 from KJFK to KORD did not appear on 1/2/18. After looking into it further, it appears that Delta #4095 is also missing on that route/date. This was confirmed via API call to the XML2 FlightSchedules API as well as by using the FlightAware public page here:


Both of these flights exist and are available on the AA and DL websites as well as Google Flights.

Please advise why these flights are not appearing in the Schedule API. Thanks!


It does appear that AA 2270 is showing in the FlightSchedules method. Let me know if you are still unable to retrieve it. Im not sure why it would not have been appearing when you were making the call. For DL 4095, it appears that the schedule may have originally been DL 4101/ 9E 4101 based on departure time and dates flying, but that flight number was then changed to DL 4095, without us receiving an update. I will bring this up internally to see why we did not have the updated information.