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AirlineFlightSchedules - Missing Flight CPA845 on Sunday, March 1st


Can someone educate me as to why flights are missing in the AirlineFlightSchedules when they are visible on the FlightAware website?

For example, this flight of Cathay Pacific from JKF to HKG, CPA845 departing Sunday, March 1st at 12:45am EST is listed on Flight Aware’s public website.

However, when I attempt to locate that flight via the API using calls like the following examples, it will not show up:



If you broaden the search to search from Saturday, Feb 29th to Monday, March 2nd, the same flight CPA845 departing Saturday and Monday show up…but the one on Sunday does not…


The current advance schedules do not include any Sunday flights for CPA845. This can happen if there was a recent change in schedules but new data has not yet been published for use by external sites like FlightAware.

FlightAware also receives intent and filing information from sources like Air Navigation Service Providers closer to the actual flight time that can also be used to indicate a near future flight. These flights would show up in endpoints like FlightInfoEx.

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