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Missing AirlineFlightSchedules for Air China

I am having issues retrieving accurate data from AirlineFlightSchedules, I have noticed there are missing records for some routes between 21-May-2020 and 02-Jun-2020. For instance, when we run AirlineFlightSchedules with the following parameters:

startdate =21-May-2020 (supplied as an integer)

enddate =05-Jun-2020 (supplied as an integer )

flightcode = CCA”

origin =”KJFK”

destination =”ZBAA”;

the query returns “NO_DATA No flight schedules found for your query”.

There are a few other routes for this airline (Air China – CCA) that do not have records for the same date range e.g. ZSPD to RJAA, ZSPD to ZSWZ, ZUJZ to ZBAA etc. I am not sure whether this is a route specific issue seeing that the routes that are mostly affected include ZPSD or ZBAA. Could you please assist with this issue?

Best regards,


Hi Marshall,

I am having a similar issue, I am a corporate travel agent with clients who need to return to Shanghai.
Schedules are also missing for China Eastern. However, these flights seem to be operating according to Flight Aware. I suspect that these flights can only be booked from China and they are not accessible to US and other countries. Please let me know if you find out anything. I’ve reached out to airline reps as well.TX

It’s likely that Air China’s own schedule currently differs from the last update that FlightAware was provided. Many airline schedules are currently changing much more frequently that they used to. However, the example query should be returning results. Are there specific flights you that you expect to see in the results?