AirportBoards FlightXML3 Missing Flight after Arrival

We had a flight for this morning (07/29/2019) that was showing up in AirportBoards API Response through the beginning of the flight including all statuses between Scheduled … En Route, and then it disappeared completely after the actual Arrival.

faFlightID: SKW4276-1564202777-airline-0373

It was showing up in the AirportBoards response until around 5am when the status should have changed to Arrived, but since then the flight ID it hasn’t appeared in the response at all. The flight number SWK 4276 is completely missing for today, but it does exist on the Delta flight status website.

Picking up from the previous post this looks to be an artifact of how the ‘result uknown’ case is handled combined with the result sorting.

When producing a list of arrived flights FXML sorts by actualarrivaltime descending. A ‘result unknown’ sets actualarrivaltime equal to the actualdeparturetime. The combination often throws the desired faFlightID several pages back in the FXML arrival results at medium to large airports. I’ve opened a request to see if there’s a way to handle this better.

I would strongly suggest dropping the arrival time = departure time stuff entirely, at least in V3.