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Wrong flight information: AAL 2253


Your API is responding the wrong flight information for this number. FlightStats is getting it right, here it goes:

FlightAware (WRONG):

	"actual_ident": "",
	"aircrafttype": "B738",
	"arrivaltime": 1605146280,
	"departuretime": 1605139140,
	"destination": "KCLT",
	"ident": "AAL2253",
	"meal_service": "Business: No meal / Economy: No meal",
	"origin": "KRSW",
	"seats_cabin_business": 16,
	"seats_cabin_coach": 156,
	"seats_cabin_first": 0

FlightStats (CORRECT):

"scheduledFlights": [{
	"arrivalAirportFsCode": "PVR",
	"arrivalTime": "2020-11-11T13:29:00.000",
	"carrierFsCode": "AA",
	"codeshares": [],
	"departureAirportFsCode": "PHX",
	"departureTerminal": "4",
	"departureTime": "2020-11-11T09:45:00.000",
	"flightEquipmentIataCode": "320",
	"flightNumber": "2253",
	"isCodeshare": false,
	"isWetlease": false,
	"referenceCode": "1392-1634265--",
	"serviceClasses": [
	"serviceType": "J",
	"stops": 0,
	"trafficRestrictions": []

Is there anything I can do to get the correct info from FlightAware?


Our data source indicates that American will be operating that daily flight as KRSW-KCLT effective 2020-11-04 through 2021-03-27. Do you have a third corroborating source that you are comparing against?

Thanks for the reply! Yes, a customer bought a ticket (with that flight number and different departure/arrival) and I also checked American Airlines website, and they’re selling AA 2253 to different departure/arrival for 11/11/2020.

We receive new long-term schedules monthly (generally the first Friday of the month), so if the airline has made rapid changes to their future scheduling then they may not be reflected until the next update. In general, the correct flightplan should get created in the hours immediately prior to the flight.

Got it. In this case, since we can see from the airline website that there is clearly something wrong, can we you force an update in one specific flight? Otherwise the API will keep returning the wrong departure/arrival. Thanks!

It’s not feasible for us to perform an out-of-cycle refresh of that schedule data, and it’s not practical to manually alter it without affecting data coherency.

The latest schedule data was imported and this particular flight is now showing PHX-PVR for the next few upcoming weeks, and the RSW-CLT will start on 2021-01-05 instead.

Thanks for the feedback @bovineone!