Troubles in airlines filter


Hello, I am sending request with following parameters:


and I am getting a response from your api, with fields “ident” and “actual_ident”, wich includes parameters like:

actual_ident: "EGF3704"
ident: “ASA4225”

i suppose it should contain, airline name + flight number, but sometimes i get these fields with parameters that don’t match with my request parameters. Like in situation with aforementioned request. (requesting for AAL, and get ASA and EGF). According to this, can you explain to me, how to get actual airline name? Or am I missing something?


That particular flight is actually American Eagle 3704 (EGF3704), and for its parent operator American Airlines (AAL3704), and codeshared as Alaska Airlines ASA4225. … /KLAX/KSAN

This behavior is expected and desirable, since searching for an airline will also cause the actual_ident to try to be resolved to the “deepest” identity known for a flight, when possible.