Fa_flight_id returning error on Route request

When searching for a route for a flight a few days ago I received a 404 error. However, the advanced search that returned that fa_flight_id seems to work and gives me X/Y coordinates. The advanced query I used was:

{in orig {KLAX}} {in dest {KDAL}} {match ident ASA196} {< eta 1644616800}

It returns fa_flight_id - ASA196-1643780746-airline-0216

But when I put that in for the route search it returns a 404. Any ideas?

No route was received for that particular flight. It was probably cancelled before the flightplan (containing the route) was filed. AS196 (ASA196) Alaska Airlines Flight Tracking and History 04-Feb-2022 (KLAX-KDAL) - FlightAware

I appreciate the reply @bovineone. It’s funny because that wasn’t the flight I was searching for. I am actually looking for ASA196 on Feb 11. I’ve modified my query to be:

{in orig {KLAX}} {in dest {KDAL}} {match ident ASA196} {>= edt 1644519540} {<= eta 1644613140} 

This returns 0 results but the flight does exist on FA: AS196 (ASA196) Alaska Airlines Flight Tracking and History 11-Feb-2022 (KLAX-KDAL) - FlightAware

I am guessing for some reason it doesn’t like my EDT or ETA time, but if I just do >= EDT it returns only the flight on 2/14/2022.

I have changed my query to -
{in orig {KLAX}} {in dest {KDAL}} {match ident ASA*} {<= arrivalTime 1644652799}

I would expect to see my flight listed in the results but nothing is returned. What am I missing here?

As noted in the documentation, the advanced search method only “searches flight data representing approximately the last 24 hours”

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I saw that note but I must have thought based on other discussions that flights were searchable within the last couple of weeks.

Is there no way to grab a flight that is a few days in the past then? I guess if my app errors out for whatever reason and can’t grab the flight within 24 hours I’m out of luck?

The “advanced search” function depends on an internal database that can only hold a more limited history duration due to the large data volume, so it has a very short time limit for technical reasons. Other parts of AeroAPI have a longer history duration but you’ll generally need to already know at least the flight ident.