Learning Flight Search

I am new to this API but I would like to send AeroAPI a flight number or route and a date and get back the flight id but I am getting weird results.

For example, passing -origin “KPDX” -destination “KEWR” for today (01/02/2022) I get back only a United flight that is delayed.

In the advanced search options I can see there are different criteria I can set to look for departure time, but can I simply just put in the departure date? What is the best way to go about this?

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The reason you are only seeing the delayed flight is because it will show you the most recent flights first, which in this case is a flight that has yet to happen.

I would recommend looking into the GET flights/search/advanced call, specifically at the operators you can use. For instance, you could set something like {< arrivalTime 1276811040} and a departure time to match afterwards to call for a specific time frame.

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Thanks Taylor, I appreciate the response!

I tried the following in the advanced search {orig KPDX} {dest KEWR} {< arrivalTime 1641535200}

But nothing is returned. I would expect to see at least one flight. I’m assuming I’m missing something simple.