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Airline code and api codes

Hi, I would like to ask -

1. Between ICAO and IATA, which is use as a priority or it is used interchangeable by Flightaware? Would it be better to track flight schedule using ICAO or IATA for flightaware api?

2.When searching for Jetstar Asia going from Singapore to Indonesia, the correct flight information is display in actualIdent. However when I searched for Lion Air, the actual Ident field is missing, and the ident is displaying correct fight information.

Can I assume actual Ident is given priority for accurate flight information, followed by Ident if the first field is missing? This is vital for us to know if the results are accurate.

3. Does flightaware have a) an code line that enable search on airline ID itself, b) an code line that enable search on flight numbers.

Use ICAO codes whenever possible; they are globally unique, IATA isn’t.

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Thank you ottergoose for answering my first question. I understood now.
Would you be able to answer the other 2 questions, if you know the answers as well?

Thank you in advance.

When an actual_ident is present in XML v2 AirlineFlightSchedules it indicates a codeshare flight where the actual_ident represents the operating carrier and ident is the ticketing carrier.

The only required parameters in AirlineFlightSchedules are startDate and endDate. Filtering by just an ICAO airline identifier or flight number is possible, but will likely yield many results.

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Thank you Sir.
Would you be so kind to answer question number 3 as well if it no trouble? It is something my developer is trying to find out.

Thank you in advance.