Tiger Woods Wife

Elin Nordegren just arrived back in Orlando on a flight from Stockholm


tmz.com/2010/05/04/tiger-woo … t-florida/

That jet’s a busy bee. Palm Beach to Sweden and back to Orlando all in the same day!

Check the month :wink:

Ohh - thanks Deef. Yeah, that’s my slip-up for the day. My bad.

Interesting that she is flying across the pond in that jalopy (G-IV), which needs to stop over, while he is flying around “locally” in the brand new squeaky clean G-V.

Not to mention all the other things he’s riding around on…

Yeah, but those other things weren’t “squeaky clean”. They probably smelled like a bus station bathroom. Ewwww

Or a Waffle House kitchen.

Hey! Don’t badmouth the Waffle House! Your waitress might shank you!

Haha - you know what - I was actually at a Waffle House several years ago with some of my friends and one friend was slapped in the face by a WH waitress. Given the circumstances though, I can’t say I blamed her.

I love waffle house waitresses…especially at 2 in the morning after the “watering holes” have closed…can anyone relate?

Senator, I can neither confirm nor deny those reports, nor do I have any recollection.

That’s what lead to the incident I described above. Those girls get fiesty when it gets dark out!

Remember, she is just a guest in his life.

What has 29 teeth and 11 tattoos?

Third Shift at the Waffle House!!

I thought that was the front row at a Willy Nelson concert!

It’s not the front row, it’s him! :laughing:

That’s funny, y’all!

I thought the question to this joke was what has 29 teeth and 13 legs? :laughing:

As one who works at a rail depot…I can second that Ewwww…

Is Third Shift the one after 2am? That’s the only time I’ve been to Waffle House.