This Southwest flight (SWA601) from Salt Lake to Los Angeles


this one diverted to Las Vegas because of passenger reports of a bad
smell details on … /KSLC/KLAX

#2 appears to be the “Keystone Library Automation System” Web site - nuthin’ there about any diverted flights…

Can you provide a link/URL to the page in question?


He left out the -tv in the URL. Try


Yeah - that makes all the difference in the world. Now I can’t find the story… oh well… :unamused:


What KIND of smell are we talking about? I wish I had a nickel for every person I’ve sat next to/behind with either:
a)extremely foul B.O. :angry:
b)flatulence that risks burning a hole in the seat cushion :angry: , or
c)horrendous breath, and (of course) a talkative demeanor. :angry: :angry:

If they diverted every time I smelled something “bad,” I’d never get to my destination!! Perhaps I should consider upgrading to First Class next time. :question:


As bad as some people’s B.O. can get - believe me, I’ve smelled some stinky people in my time (worked in retail for a time). Some people could gag a maggot from 50 yards in an open field! Yeah - there are some stinky people out there! But I don’t care HOW bad someone’s B.O. is, I don’t think any captain would divert over such a matter. It’s way too costly. I would simply deny boarding of such passengers from the git-go in such a case.

No, I think it’d have to be an unidentifiable smell of unknown origin. Somethin’ that just doesn’t smell right coming from nobody knows where. Then again, that does describe my Heineken-and-baked-beans flatulence when its volume can be controlled. But I refrain from eating baked beans and drinking beer at least three days before a flight! Perhaps some people are just not as courteous as I am…

Funny… It’s been eight years since I smelled the worst human ever, and I remember it like yesterday. I don’t think that moment will ever leave my memory!

We now rejoin our regularly scheduled programming already in progress…


I don’t know if it’s the same flight or not, but there was a recent flight where a passenger was using an acetone based nail polish (or nail polish remover). The plane just happened to be carrying acetone as cargo, and the flight was diverted in case the cargo was leaky.


Just have done this earlier.