Thermal Heating notification in Flight Feeder


I have observed that after couple of hours of usage, a message stating that the CPU temperature is a bit on the higher side, is shown under anomalies in my FlightAware account. I just wanted to know if it is fine to continue running the flight feeder (as it is apparently meant to run 24x7 and 365 days) or should I switch it off and wait until it cools down. Usually I get warning when the CPU temperature is around 68-70 deg. Centigrade.


It’s OK up to 80C. At around 80C it will start throttling the CPU to try to cool down.

If it doesn’t get much hotter than the ~72C you show there, it’s fine to leave it running.


Do they have RPis inside running them?


I see that you are barely feeding anything:


Maybe he switched it off because of the warning :wink:

Apart from that where did you put your antenna?


I hope you are viewing my correct feeder stats:


I have placed the FF antenna on my terrace tied up with an old iron water pipe and I am getting good amount of signal from the aircrafts.! Screenshot_Chrome_20180917-214459|690x388


Sonic was referencing the periods the device was switched off.
The flight feeder should run all the time and never be switched off.
(EDIT: Maybe the internet is just very unreliable in the area?)

Regarding the antenna: If you are in the same position you should be able to see the horizon.
So on the roof for example is a better position.

Greetings to India!