Flight Feeder stats page?


On the FlightFeeders (orange) display I can see some statistics about the radio connection. Since my FF is located on a high shelf, and in a hot garrage, I want to see that info remotely.
How can I see that info from my local network?


Skyview / dump1990-fa on the FF exposes the usual dump1090-fa json stats, so you can get them in a machine-readable form at flightfeeder-hostname//dump1090- … stats.json like you would with a piaware install.
There’s nothing built-in that turns that into an easier to read form though.


Speaking of hot garrage, I just received an alert from the FA that the CPU temp is 160F / 71 C. Well… Here is a heat advisory in effect for today, 97F outside now (real feel 113F, but not matter for CPU), so… What’s the dangerous temperature for the CPU?
LE: 162F / 72 C now.


It will start throttling to try to reduce heat at around 80C. It’s specced to 85C.


Good to know. At 74C / 165F now, but suposedly the outside temps should start to drop at this time.