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Feeder heating issues?

The feeder seems always a little bit warm to touch is that normal?
Need to cut ventalation slots?
hw do i get this screen off it always on or sometimes ilimunating cause some house conflict ssues sometime dark why is that?

Is that a flightfeeder?

Warm to touch is completely normal for electronic devices, too hot to touch could possibly mean a problem, but even then not necessarily.

Not sure about the screen, maybe a mail to adsbsupport@flightaware.com can help you there, if you are talking about a flightfeeder.

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Haven’t ever heard about switching off that screen, as stated above you should ask the mail address provided.

In regards to heat, make sure it has air on all sides. I would imagine the blue FlightFeeder has dissipates the heat better if you place it vertically.

But it’s probably designed for getting that hot.
What is your ambient air temperature?

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My FA systems each have a modest airflow across the Raspi and SDR. I have a 100 mm 12 volt DC fans running quietly on 5V in each box. A little airflow makes a large reduction in component temperature. The Pi core temperature in 25-30C ambient is in the 50C range with some air flow versus close to 70C with the fan off.

My temp is 66c in box in shack anything from 26 and up
Summer months going to increase to 30 inside we have temp of 30 35 or smtimes 40 outside! Was wondering why therese no better ventalation my pc get sometimes a heating warning sometimes in summer thx i put it vertically to or side ways to stop the liggh from shining i would think better ventalation and heatsink 66 seems much half of that or so would increase life span did somebody out there lost one and how long did it last

Is blue flight reader

I have my flight feeder inside of an unused electrical box on the outside of my house under a patio cover. The box does not have airflow. I actually sealed where the cables go in to keep bugs and wasps out of it. Our highest daytime temperatures during August hits the high 90’s F. No direct sunlight hits it except for about an hour during the late afternoon. I did check it’s internal temperature during our hottest days and the display read 70C. The unit has never shut down due to temperature issues and runs flawlessly year-round in that enclosure.

thx we get in the 90’d in summer so i t looks likr its a normal temperature but i sure would like if the design it so it gets cooler as it is isnt normal it dont even transmit but receive they must update their design so it runs cooler and put options for led brigthness on and other functions im allways dogbox with the ligth flash or the screen that sometimes dont completly shuts off and the ligth cause some familly havac

LEDs are easy to take care of with some black tape.

The screen only illuminating upon touch input seems like a very good option.

The touchscreen hardware doesn’t have a controllable backlight unfortunately.

Software option? That inyhink option ya the screen option u mentioned would be nice small software change maybe developers?

I think the LED screen doesn’t matter in the sense you only use it for setup or rebooting so you can either flip it upside down or tape a piece of cardboard on it to keep the light from bothering others. I run a chrome book 24/7 in my office that monitors the status of the FF or, if I’m traveling, I just log on to my account on my phone to make sure it’s feeding.

You can also plug a low resolution monitor into the HDMI port that you can turn off if it bothers people.

I hope some of this helps you. Take care.


Some one is using this method to keep his FlghtStick cool :slight_smile:

It is not only Flightaware who makes ProSticks. :wink:



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