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Odd problem with a Flight Feeder

I was away on my summer vacation and the last night of my stay I had received an outage email.
I guessed that it was caused by the unusually hot weather at the end of August.
As soon as I got home, I climbed to the roof of my apartment building and did a restart of the device.
I had sent an email to Flight Aware asking if they can check if the feeder had been overheating. They said that it hadn’t been overheating.
I suggested to remove the metal cover of the enclosure in order to get better natural air circulation. I even suggested that I can buy and install a fan.
The feeder stopped sending data again, I climbed the roof and installed the fan.
Before doing that I measured the temperature of the Raspberry PI CPU and it was about 32C (90 F), and the temp on the Altera Cyclone IV chip was 36C (97F). The temp on the case the blue one (keeping in mind that I had removed the white part of the enclosure) was 27C (81F).
After installing the fan, the temperatures lowered by 5-7 C.
But the fan was of no use - the feeder stopped sending data once again. The thing is that it was doing it in the late afternoons after 4 pm. That was strange, because the first time it did it was late in the evening. snap0001334
Contacted Flight Aware and they suggested to change the power supply. I did that, but I removed the fan.
On Friday I went to my village and later that night I received another outage email. I called a neighbor next day at noon and he did a restart on the feeder. I started sending data, but stopped after 8 hours.
Today I came back, and I did put back the original power supply, restarted the feeder and everything was fine. It is sending data so far, but I am not sure for how long.
I am just out of options.

And another thing: I am hosting the device since April 2016 and hadn’t had an issue with it overheating or whatsoever. And there had been years with hotter summers than 2020.

Here is a link to my feeder if someone is curious to see the stats:

Here is the fan:

Possibly the Flightfeeder itself is not stable any longer.
I have one of my feeders outdoor. During summer we had up to 36° C, but it wasn’t a problem for the Raspberry. CPU temp went up to 65°C and it never stopped working.

The only thing i changed was using a USB cable between device and stick to stop moving the heat between the two devices

How is the FlightFeeder connected to the internet?

There is an ethernet switch from my router to the roof and a patch cable from the switch to the feeder.

This is the screen I am getting when the feeder is not sending data.

Yeah. I do have another device that is a Raspberry Pi with an USB stick, which is even outside in a metal cabinet and has no problems at all.

There is nothing what can be sent. Seem to be an issue with the setup.

Probably the next step is to re-image the sdcard; adsbsupport@flightaware.com can walk you through that.

I did a re-image of the SD card some 10-15 minutes ago. The feeder is working. Let’s see for how long.