Anomaly : Temp warning


So my remote location coughed up a temp warning at a toasty 165 degrees F. Of course its like 99Deg F ambient around there today, so not surprising. My issue is The Anomaly warning is not real time, I cannot tell if the temp is increasing or decreasing- whats the refresh rate for this on Flightaware ?

My VNC connection that I thoroughly tested yesterday is not working so cannot get directly to the Pi.


The information is updated during the checkin. This happens once every 5-10 minutes and you can see the time from last checkin on your ADSB stats page.

If the last checkin was a long time ago then the data will be stale on the stats page. This means if the site goes offline the last checkin information will be displayed.

The Raspberry pi starts to throttle the CPU at that temperature (around 160F). Once it reaches about 180F the CPU will be fully throttled down and then it might crash if heated more. You have plenty of headroom. Heat is more about longevity than about it functioning.


David, what is the threshold for temp warnings and the reporting points as temp increases? Thanks!


Thank you David. I am learning a lot of things, some of which I intended to learn:wink:

I fully tested VNC before I left the remote site and it worked perfectly ( and yes through the internet and not locally). Within hours and once I was many miles away, VNC stopped working and of course thats when the temp warnings came up, and the site stopped xmitting data although I could access the skyview page remotely, so the Pi was running.

Since the outtage happened at peak daily temps when the sun would be hitting the box I presumed that something over temped. I restarted dump1090-fa remotely through the Flightaware stats page (since I have apparently lost access to VNC and cannot SSH to it) and it seemed to begin xmitting again.

Is there a way to pull the temps through Flightaware, or only via the anomaly messages ? I wasnt able to spot anything in the log that seemed relevant. I want to watch the temps rise and fall and try to fgure out if the communication drop is something I can remedy.


The temp anomoly warning FlightAware I think is around 60C. There are no other reporting points on FlightAware. If it goes above this point it will be reported as an anomaly until it drops below 60C.

The OS handles the temperature throttling. Temperature usually isn’t a problem for things functioning or not.
Using FlightAware to capture your temperature is NOT recommended.
I would run the command “cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp >> temperatures.txt” every 10 minutes.
This would read the CPU temperature and append it to the file temperatures.txt.
Make an init.d script to run it every 10 minutes.

VNC requires ports to be forward correctly. If you can’t edit the port forwarding settings there are some reverse tunnel programs. is one of them.


Again thank you David. I am going to have to re-engineer the enclosure and possibly relocate it. I thought that by having at least 1 cu ft volume there would be enough cooling but apparently there is a lot more solar gain than I anticipated at certain hours of the day. And the heat dissipates very slowly once the box gets heated.

And I thought high humidity saltwater environment would be the first challenge.


Sometimes I get an extreme temperature warning. Should external fan cooling be done externally


@TA5AHO I am not sure what your system looks like. My unit is sealed in a box to be waterproof so for me a fan will be of little use as the heat has no place to go.

If your unit is open in a way that a fan can circulate fresh air over the cpu, perhaps a fan will help.


@skip20092017 Thank you