The War Lover

A great ol moive staring Steve McQueen & Robert Wagner - there are 5 links to YouTube clips below that are in excellent shape:






Review Summary

Loosely based on a novel by John Hersey, this standard wartime drama stars Steve McQueen as Buzz Rickson, command pilot of a B17 bomber, and Robert Wagner as Ed Bolland, his co-pilot. When Buzz first comes on the scene, Ed admires him for his daring and skill in executing the bombing raids over Germany. But as time goes by, Buzz starts to fall for Ed’s girlfriend Daphne (Shirley Ann Field) and at the same time, Ed begins to see that Buzz is only good at piloting bombers – in civilian life he is a total washout. The contrasts between the men, Buzz’s internal problems, and the love triangle provide the dramatic fodder throughout the 105-minute running time. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

There are some really catchy phrases/statements made in these clips - please feel free to quote them here - the first one I took note of was:

Memorable quotes -

The dawn is for co-pilots…
made by Steve McQueen to Robert Wagner in first clip