Great new Website


Hi Everyone,

I thought some of you might like this site:

It is dedicated to those who LOVE airplanes, airshows, warbirds ,photography and video. It was started by a well know airshow performer as a place for fans and performers alike to share their pictures, videos and stories. They kept a great forum going to talk live with the pilots flying the Operation Bolero mission earlier this summer. (P-38 ,P-51 to england)

Some well known performers participate in the forums often (like “max” moga the F-22 demo pilot)

Take a look…if you like it PLEASE do me a favor and click this link: … to&entry=3

the site is having a contest for the best “Dreams of Flight” photos, video or story. Popular vote decides the winner and I’m looking for VOTES !! The picture is of me at an Airshow last year helping plant the seed of aviation in a youngster.

Lisa Heidinger
Trojan Horsemen Demo Team #7 Narrator


Hey everyone,

I want to say a big THANKS to those of you who helped me out and voted!

My photo won it’s category and now I’m in the finals for the grand prize against a video and a poem.

Click on the link and vote for me again please.

I need all the help I can get, it is hard for a photo to compete against a video. So many people need to be entertained and told what to think and hear. My photo requires that you use your imagination and put in your own words and music.

Kinda like reading a book instead of seeing the movie…

Thanks again

Lisa Heidinger
Trojan Horsemen Demo Team

PS- photo is of me at the Blue Ash Ohio airshow.


WOW :open_mouth: You have my vote!

That is a neat picture and theme, I like the way you share aviation. Everybody should go vote… hope you don’t mind if I give them a sneak peak…

Red, White and Blue Skies
As a little girl, I dreamed of flying and no one took me seriously, now I take every opportunity to plant a seed and encourage other girls to fly.


Thank you soooo much! I absoulutely LOVE aviation. I was dreaming of flying ever since I was this little girls age.

I’ts really tuff to compete against a video in a media competition. So many people need to be told the whole story and can’t use their imaginations.

I appreciate you putting the pic in your post…I’m not real good computer stuff…I just know airplanes.

Lisa Heidinger
Trojan Horsemen


Agree! What makes it even more special is wondering “why” the comings and goings at an airport, good bad, or otherwise. What brings them there, vacation? Work? Tragedy?

Before the age of video, photography was the “video of today” taking away the imagination of the unknown.

Progress I guess…

I really would love to take the time and take pictures, but then again, I’d rather video, one hand fights the other :smiley:

Anybody can capture a plane on landing, but not everybody can capture the emotions that you captured in your picture. So, while the planes and airports are backdrops, it’s the people inside the pics that give it the imagination and inspiration.

While not nearly as inspiring as your pic you took, one that can provoke thought and imagination is a pic I took of my niece and nephew in flight at … 3635131362

Not sure if you know about my small contribution to the digital world, but you may want to check out my You Tube channel as what I am trying to do is capture the beauty of flying, not only just through the video, but taking commonly known songs and associating it to the music in it’s own way. I am hoping that it captures the imagination of “land lubbers” and inspires them to maybe try to escape the “surly bonds of earth”/

I just posted todays “touch and goes” to another thread, and you can get to my channel from that link.




Great pic! They look like they are really enjoying the ride. I wish someone would have taken me up for a ride at that age.

Anyway…thanks to anyone who will vote and help me beat the video guys.

Maybe I’ll see some of you some day at an airshow and thank you in person.