Good Aviation Websites

Does anyone have any favorite commercial aviation-related websites that they can share. I have found some by searching, but there has to be a lot more. Anything will help!

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I’m in the process of working on a commercial aviation site. It’s at

I’d like any suggestions on what to add or what to change to make it better.


Here’s a good site:

Here is another great site:

It hosts news, photos, guides, and discussions! Please enjoy and join if you like it!! :smiley:

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there are many. Someone I like are: for our canadian friends

try this

hope it works :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This one’s pretty good:

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Aircraft deadheads and deliveries

Two I like:

The Aviation Herald lists most of the accidents and incidents in commercial aviation. has deliveries listed on the homepage and a wealth of fleet information.
Great pilot’s flight planning site
Listen to air traffic control from various airports

If you like forums has several great forums with comments from industry insiders. From over 7000 comments on missing MH370 to pilots discussing wages or cabin crew on nicest celebrities they’ve encountered in flight. Very informative indeed!

My other faves besides Flightaware & - FAA N number look-up - all things British Airways - great worldwide updated database for civilian jet & turbojet aircraft

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: and are personal favorites for me. Use them all the time.

this site is the best for me. What about you.

FR24.COM (not for me that site loss aircraft on maps)

I happen to be interested in aircraft built and flown in the former USSR and in present-day Russia & Ukraine. I enjoy this website:

You have to be careful logging on to many Russian web sites (viruses, trojans, etc.) but I have never had any issues with this one. The site is in Cyrillic (Russian), so use your web browser’s translator.

One of my favourites is

free aviation classifieds AVIATIONLISTINGS.COM

one I like only foe maps aircraft location is FR24.COM but they don’t have receivers like this FANTASTIC SITE FLIGHTAWARE does I will stay here and another thing for people to remember about FR24.COM stay out of the chat room it’s full of incompetent morons or children who need to grow up. Just a suggestion. Stay here with FLIGHTAWARE no hassels good people. Also try this sight below very acurate with news.

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