The non-aviation Photo Thread?


Checking to see if there is any interest among photographers to occasionally post your favorite non-aviation shots here. Cars, landscapes, people, pets, abstracts, HDR, etc.

Is there interest and/or feedback?


Excellent idea!!!

Judas Priest from 3rd row right

Luscious Hooters girls 8)


I think I’ll upload some pictures of the Avenger and 580C later. Just need to find some.


Washington National Cathedral:

Washington, DC:

Gaithersburg, MD:

Rockville, MD:


That 1st one is incredible, very nice work!!!


Absolutely interested but I can’t get anywhere close to those awesome shots, C. So I’ll just view and enjoy everyone else’s contributions. Keep 'em coming, pls.


Not sure if you were referring to my shots, or those Hooters girls. But hey, it’s not a contest. I’d enjoy seeing your photos anyway. Even a quick snapshot can be interesting!


Thanks. I’d be very interested to know the settings you used on the Judas Priest shot. That’s very tricky lighting to get such a sharp image!


double post ]


I got to go back and look it up, still dealing with the tragic loss that was delivered to Dallas Cowboys moments ago by your Washington Redskins! :laughing:


I lived in Dallas for 15 years. My loyalties are uncertain - especially tonight. :slight_smile:


Taken with a small sony point n shoot (DSC-W50), had it set on 100 ISO and the camera chose F2.8 & 1/40 sec.


I was referring to yours, C. (Heck, I couldn’t have been referring to the girls; the only way an old timer like me could get close to those gals would be to hug the pic. lol) OK, I’ll try attaching a pic I took last week on a hike in the mountains east of Reno. Couple of wild horses. (PS: Not sure if I know how to attach to this message; I’ll try it.)


Nope, I guess I don’t know how to attach it. Oh, well, it was just some horses. Please keep posting more of yours. Awesome snaps!


I think you have to post your photo first on the internet?, someplace like Flickr or photobucket, copy that address or link to the photo, has to end in “jpg.”, hit the Img box then paste…


The Keltic Lodge, Ingonish, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.


How dare you, J. There’s no women in that picture!



Excellent Concord :wink: