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The guy that posted this has 4 photos, 3 of them are from 3different A-net users, the strip at the bottom was left in, this photo of the Mexican registered cessna isn’t even tagged correctly, and to top it off, its a staff pick!?

thought there were some general rules regarding this…

I know photos are not suppose to have watermarks, that’s about it.

The staff member who picked rather than deleting has been appropriately lampooned.

Vegas Odds:

Mduell - 4-1
Dbaker - 3-1
nugget - 5-1
other - 2-1

25 on Dbaker please.

It was the aviation marketing guy.

:laughing: And the “lampooning” continues…

perhaps he was marketing



I can hear it now. “Well, I was going for a marketing tie-in kind of a thing. Like when BurgerKing has Disney toys in it’s kid’s meals…”


So. Where do we send our resumes for the newly opened “Aviation Marketing” position? :laughing:

Mduell actually logged into my computer and staff picked that picture because he liked it so much. :smiley:

Heres another that posted an photo and a photo with a watermark I have never seen? Photo burglars!

And another from!

Same guy, another stolen photo! At least he is taking them from different sites.

Well, in his defense he may just be too stupid and can’t understand what “do not upload images you do not own or photos with a watermark” means.

Just vote 'em down. Maybe BAW603 will get the picture.

Yeah damiross,stupid would be a good defense for him! I looked at 5 random photos from BAW603 and googled them and here is what I found.

Spainair - EC-KET
FA photo -
Where he stole it from -

Brit Airways - G-BOAC
FA photo -
Where he stole it from -

FA photo -
Where he stole it from -

FA photo -
Where he stole it from -

FA photo -
Where he stole it from -

And whats funny is the last photo, PT-MUD, he marked it as being at Heathrow when it is clearly at the Boeing Plant! And that was the first 5 photos I picked. I bet if all were looked at, he is a serial photo burlar! :open_mouth:

will, he won’t get the picture. He might steal the the picture though! :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Maybe he’ll get the picture to take his own pictures instead of stealing other pictures and posting them on the picture section… Get the picture.