So what happens...

…when a user gets a Staff Pick using an image that was ripped off from another aviation site and had its copyright notice cropped off: … 1/size/vga … ?id=355994

Does that person get to keep the Honor Roll badge? The word “Honor” certainly seems misplaced.

never mind…

Have you clicked on the link below the photo to report it?

“Please notify us if this photo is not aviation-related or infringes on your copyright. Report this photo.”

Yes I have. The same user had posted three other photos that were excellent, but were copyrighted and watermarked by different members. Those were promptly removed by FA staff.

The remaining high-quality photo is clearly in a different leage than the other uploads that are still there, but it had its watermark removed and was uploaded under the wrong airport code (EDDF instead of EDDS), it took me a bit of time to find the original source.

There are three new uploads with the copyright / watermark removed. Compare

with … ?id=355254 … ?id=327552 … ?id=334339

If you’re the copyright holder, please send us a DMCA takedown notice for any unauthorized content.

He gets an Honor Roll Badge with oak leaf clusters!