Over Wing Pictures

The last time I was riding commercial I noticed that Southwest was doing a neat feature in their magazine having people send in “over the wing” photos. I thought I might share one with you and see if anyone else has any.

I don’t want to clog all the space up on the server, so I have tried to keep the pic small. The link for the full size image is
located here

I look forward to seeing yours!! There is a site I used called www.imageshack.us The site is free. If you need help just drop me a message.


Only about a thousand! :slight_smile:

There’s only a little bit of wing in this one but I liked it…

I have a feeling that this thread is gonna be a 3+ page hit.

How about under-the-wing shots for Dash 8s and Cessnas?

1= Mt. Adams 2=Mt. Hood 3=Mt. Rainier 4=Mt. St. Helens


Wow these are all GREAT pictures I hope more people add to this because this is the kind of thing I like to see.

NO! I insist that you get over-the-wing shots of Cessnas and Dash 8s while inflight! Gee! How hard could that be - just go to the cockpit, climb out the window, and get on top of the fuselage to take a picture or two. Be sure to put a parachute on your camera!


Santa Monica / West LA – KSMO in the middle right.

Gulf of Mexico

Would it really be that difficult for you to just roll 180 to inverted and keep the spirit of my original post intact? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great shots on here!!

Here’s a couple from bfe Kansas.


What is this?
Never mind - I noticed you changed the subject line rather than put the data into the body of the message. By “lady,” do you mean Statue of Liberty?

yes sorry…I don’t know what I’m doing…and my picture came out teenie…

didn’t mean to be a buzz kill…

Not to worry, Dami beat you to it.

Illinois Farmland

Overflying Notre Dame - Fall 2005 (I can see my house/dorm from here!)

My first Hudson Corridor flight, December '00.
Looks strikingly similar to JHEM’s avatar, doesn’t it. What a coincidence.

Yeah, yeah. I’ve given you props for the photo in the past, guess I’ll have to simply outdo you.

My favorite photo of the “Lady of the harbor”, and you know who was driving the boat!

Was that photo taken form a sinking ship or a pirate with a short peg leg? :wink:
I didn’t know helictopters had been invented yet back in 1912!

Keeping the ball rolling from my over-the-wing photos:
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Or as a wise, very old man told me, “Miles and miles of miles and miles.”

Wow, you’ve seen the famous Pac-Man Crop Circles!

How about “Over-the-cockpit” shots?

Taken from a 707 about 30 years ago.