TFF - Operator?


Anyone know which company flies as TFF?
Presumed a small biz charter company, noted G4 and Be40 on plans, but not listed in ICAO docs. Tracker just states Iceland??

Thx IN (uk)


According to the FAA contractions handbook (, TFF is Talon Air (call sign Talon Flight).

TF is the ICAO code for Iceland so the program may be getting confused. I have seen this with some other flights that begin with TF


Yes, it’s a 135 operator out of FRG called Talon Air…
They operate 3 Beechjet, 2 Hawker 800XPs, One GIVSP and one King Air 200.


We’ve updated our record to reflect TFF.


Damiross, did you get that info from somewhere within that link or did you get it from ICAO 8585 and are merely linking as reference to the book, rather than the info? Do you follow?! :laughing:

Basically, I looked at the link hoping to find a list of the ICAO operator designators but couldn’t find them, hence my question :laughing: .


Just click on the link and scroll down to the appropriate section and click on that link.
To find the 3 letter code of, say, Piedmont Airlines, scroll down to Chapter 3, Section 1 (“Aircraft Company/Telephony/Three-Letter Designator Encode”). Click on that link. Then click on the letter “P” under section 1 (“by Aircraft Compnay”). Scroll down until you see “Piedmont Airlines.” The 3 columns to the left give the company’s country (United State), call sign (Piedmont), and 3 letter code (PDT).

Note: The tables use the official name of the company. So if you are looking for, say, “PAace Airlines,” you’ll have to know that the official name is “Piedmont Aviation Services.” (See the entry after Piedmont Airlines).

Other sections in Chapter 3 list the companies by callsign (“telephony”) and 3 letter codes.

Chapter 5 encodes/decode aircraft codes.


if it makes any difference to you, I can confirm TFF is Talon Air from KFRG. I work there, and know some folks there. They are a Part 135 company trying to sound like the big boys.