Scheduled 135 Two Letter Codes


How does one get a Two letter code for there airline. We are a start up company and just got authorization to be a scheduled 135 operator. How do I get a call sign and a two letter code that other airlines will know who we are. For example ATA is TZ. Southwest is WN. United is UL etc etc




If I’m not mistaken these are assigned by IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ATA (Air Transport Association, the domestic version of IATA). The FAA assigns 3 letter codes. It is these codes, not the 2 letter codes, that are used in flight plans.


Thanks for the info. So who do I contact in order to get one of these three letter IDs. there does not seem to be any info on the IATA site or ATA site.


You should ask your P.O.I or your FSDO about getting a company callsign. Just remember though, it’s much harder for a controller to remember a N-number than it is a callsign, just in case one of your pilots should ever piss him off!