Full Airline Code Listings


I have a full table of airlines and codes, however American Airlines comes up as AA and not AAL. Is there anyway I could get a full listing of those codes? Is there a class I can call for that information like you can with AllAirports? Thanks, Chrissy


The best way to do that right now is to use the TailOwner procedure for the results that you’re receiving. Please let me know more about your application if that doesn’t suit your needs.


The two digit codes are known as IATA codes (airline industry trade group), while the three digit codes are ICAO codes (aviation authority organization). You can copy flightaware.com/live/fleet/ a couple times throughout the day and get a mostly complete list of the 3 digit codes in use inside the US.


You can also go to the FAA Publications page and click on the PDF or HTML version of Publication 7340.1 to get a list of all IATA and ICAO codes. The codes are in Chapter 3.