Another unidentified ICAO code

Looking at KBLM, I noticed another unknown ICAO airline code. This time it in TKK. Does anyone know who operates TKK? I’ve looked, and can’t find anything. The flight in question is TKK728. … /KMKC/KBLM

TKK is Aero Ways, Inc. Callsign is “Tarka”. Company is listed as New Castle, DE based

I’d bet that the aircraft is N728CL, used to fly under ELJ728

I don’t know how you find this stuff, but thanks.

They are in the world famous FAA Order 7340.2. … CNTHME.htm

The Order lists general aviation contractions (FAF, OM, stuff like that), aircraft type designators, and aircraft company three letter ID’s and “telephony”, ( callsigns).

I believe I have looked at that before. I will have to remember that next time.


They have a website, if this is the same company: