TB patient flight

News outlets are reporting that the man infected with the superstrain of Tuberculosis is being moved from Atlanta to Denver…Anyone have a hunch on any info? Ive searched KATL-KDEN, but dont see any private flights scheduled…

Denver press said he arrived around 7 am this morning. I think he flew on

Kudos…thanks, I had forgot about Centennial, and Gwinnett Field for that matter…probably smarter than parading the man through or around major airports…thanks again!
The plane: airliners.net/open.file/0482358/M/

Wonder why they took him all the way out to LZU if he was at Grady Hospital? PDK or FTY would have been closer, especially since the CDC flies out of PDK (they are located just off the airport property). But, then again, the CDC has been under some bad press about keeping jets on “standby”. (see story Here)