Frontier 419 10/18/13 diverted medical emergency

My wife texted me that her flight from Washington DC to Denver was diverted to Cedar Rapids due to a medical emergency, in case anybody can’t get ahold of a loved one on that flight.

She said 2 doctor and 2 nurse passengers assisted the ill passenger. The ill passenger was taken off the plane by EMS crew. The flight is supposed to take off presently. The ill passenger is now in Cedar Rapids. That’s pretty much all I know.


ok 7:30pm MDT she texts saying that pilot says they are about to take off, flight time to Denver should be 1h45m to arrive around 9:15pm MDT.

i was checking on her flight occasionally (earlier) while doing chores around the house, and then next time i checked the plane had just turned 90 degrees the wrong way and had gone like 100 miles north. made me nervous. but then i got her first text which was a relief. i sure hope the person who had the medical problem is ok.