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Tar1090 -- improved webinterface for dump1090-fa and readsb

Sounds good. Just wanted you to know.

Hi Wiedehopf,

I tried to replicate the radolan layer for the UK metoffice equivalent called DataPoint.
Documentation is here
All I managed to do is to get a single tile to be overlayed on all baselayer tiles :frowning:

Any ideas? or could you have a look at implementing?
The API requires a key, which I am happy to provide via PM or you register for free with the metoffice.

Thanks a lot.

maybe this google result helps you:

I’m not really keen on spending time on this, sorry!
Project is open source for a reason :wink:

I see adsbexchange has started beta testing of tar1090. looks pretty good

Has a unique “history” for +/- 1 day in the flight information popup of track trails

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No worries. Thanks for pointing out the link I’ll have a look.

Subliminal load messages now… “Improve Coverage: adsbexchange. com

That should only show in globe-index mode.
I’ll check to make it depend on another configuration variable :wink:

Oh i get it now.

Sorry, i hide it in javascript, so it shows on first load.
I suppose i should make it hidden in html an only show it in javascript.

When I start the webpage for the tar1090 for a split second I see in the top-right corner “adsbexchange”. Then it gets quickly covered by the normal window.
I don’t have an adsbexchange account.

So… what’s that?

@wiedehopf - Would you consider adding a Filter by Source option to the filters section ?


I see the same once reloading the page with CTRL-F5
It says “Increase coverage” followed by the link to adsbx.

It’s the same view as the beta version on adsbx:


The message is visible as long as the page is loading with the progress bar and then removed once it’s fully loaded. Unfortunately too fast for getting a screenshot

It happens on both devices i am using, on both is script 200219 installed

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