Takeoff and crash caught on video-Bethlehem South Africa.

LiveLeak video take-off, and stall/crash caught on video.
I assume it is a Tiger Moth.

LiveLeak website was just updated, and states accident happened Dec 19/07 in Bethleham South Africa.

Looks like that happened today but I can’t find any news. Stall & spin?

20/12/2007 07:13 - (SA)

Bethlehem - Both owners of a rare collector’s item, a 1932 Tiger Moth aircraft, have died in plane crashes, just 14 months apart.

Johannesburg pilot Andre Bradshaw bought the plane from the private museum of the late Ray Gleimus, 43, at an auction seven months ago.

Bradshaw died on Wednesday when the Tiger Moth crashed after taking off from Aerocare Airport in Bethlehem.

Gleimius, his mother and friend died in an airplane crash seven months before the auction.

Volksblad newspaper reported in June this year that the Tiger Moth fetched the highest bid (R650 000) at the auction.

The Moth was one of eight still in service in South Africa.

Gleimius flew it himself at one of Bethlehem’s air shows at the Aerocare.

Bradshaw apparently had called in at Aerocare for fuel while en route from Johannesburg to Nottingham Road in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, to visit friends.

Alexander Esslinger, a German-speaking learner pilot at the airfield, was fascinated by the special plane and was recording Bradshaw’s flight on his video camera when the Tiger Moth crashed.

Burnt beyond recognition

In the video, Bradshaw takes off smoothly and circles over the field at a height of about 300 feet.

But, when he turned downwind, the plane started to spin and, moments later, it crashed.

The burnt-out hull of the plane and Bradshaw’s body, burnt beyond recognition, were all that remained.

Stanley Schimper, a pilot and operational manager of Aerocare’s air-amubulance service, was one of the last people to speak to Bradshaw. He was also first at the crash.

He said: "A colleague and I, and another person tried for about 10 minutes to put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher, but in vain.

“The fire brigade and emergency services arrived shortly afterwards.”

Chris van Wyk of Netcare said Bradshaw must have died on impact.

Looks like a control or surface failure. A Tiger Moth doesn’t just snap like that. Condolences to the family of the pilot, there was nothing he could do. :frowning:

That is a shame. Very interesting to be able to view the video but it also made it somewhat eerie.

Condolences to his friends and family.

Does anyone have a very recent photo of Andre, his sister is a very good friend of my wife’s and had not seen him for a while as she lives in London
Andre was a great character, always up for a party but very serious when required.
Looks to me like aircraft failure
Many thanks if anyone can help

Andre Bradshaw was my cousin - A great guy and an inspiration to myself - I will remember him always and hold him close to my heart - Rest in Peace my man

Love always

tigermothclub.co.za/ContactU … fault.aspx

or classav.co.za/contact.html

These are the people who can assist you finding information on your friend.

Notice the wind sock just after lift off. It looks to be blowing 20 MPH. When the plane turned away from the wind it may have lost lift at the slow speed it was moving.

Airspeed is airspeed, the downwind turn has nothing to do with it. His groundspeed would change, but not airspeed. This has been shown time and time again. Condolences to family and friends. It’s always sad to lose a fellow pilot, especially one with a passion for old and rare birds. Blue skies and tailwinds my friend.

Downwind stall:
A plane flying north with an airspeed of 50 knots against a 50 knots headwind has zero ground speed. If you turn 90 deg. west, the plane’s airspeed is still 50 knots but is now drifting 50 knots to the south resulting in 68 knots ground speed to the southwest. If the plane keeps turning south, the drift due to the wind is still 50 knots but now the ground speed becomes 50+50 = 100 knots, while the airspeed still is 50 knots.

The pilot may see the ground speed but not the airspeed, and since the plane seems to move much faster flying downwind, the pilot may instinctively slow down the plane below the stall speed. This results in a pilot-induced stall due to the optical illusion of the plane’s higher ground speed when flying downwind. This can be especially true in an open cockpit plane planning a slow flight around the airport. In the video it is obvious the windspeed is quite high and the pilot had turned downwind for a period of about 10 seconds before what appeared to be a stall.

I think you are mixing apples and oranges. Ground speed has absolutely nothing to do with airspeed as trafly indicated

No matter what direction you turn the airplane in the air 50 knots is 50 knots going through the pitot static system.

Now, I did find the term “downwind stall” and what you described above at adamone.rchomepage.com/index6.htm but in the above mention accident, I would think the plane was too far downwind for your theory to pan out.

I would have expected the pilot induced stall (it is pilot induced, NOT downwind induced) to happen after turning crosswind or shortly afterwards as you said, but I don’t see any sign of a stall in my eyes anyway. He seem to be almost abeam the numbers of his departure point.


This results in a pilot-induced stall due to the optical illusion of the plane’s higher ground speed when flying downwind.

I understand there isn’t a downwind stall unless it is pilot-induced as I noted. I do believe the optical illusion and failure to look at your indicated airspeed likely caused the loss of control.

I have no idea who Mr. Bradshaw was… However, as he was a collector of a rare aircraft, I doubt that he was a rookie pilot that would seccumb to an “optical illusion”.

Ah, the infamous “downwind stall”.

Actually, I hate to bring this up but did you see the missile that hit the Tiger Moth just before it went down? I’m sure there must have been some CIA activity involved in this event just like they took out Steve Fossett. Everyone knows Fossett couldn’t have made a mistake with all his knowledge and experience.

Of course not… He stayed at Holiday Inn Express!

I do find it sad that I post a video of somebody throwing up and I get four pages of what a bad person I am. But, somebody posts a video of somebody DYING and the moral majority is silent.

Happy Holidays Everybody.

Somebody throwing up?!? Cool!!! Where?