Scariest thing that has happened to you in an airplane

Have you ever had something that has just down right scared you. You know the type of story that your friends even tell others?


Do you mean besides being shot down? :smiling_imp:


Nawwww, that surely can’t be skeeerier then a measily ole exhaust valve taking flight out the ole exhaust pipe in a peaceful territorial zone like Louisiana :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a passenger for this…

Hope you don’t fly with him now…

I had a complete engine faillure after takeoff at 300ft in a C152, it resumed power after a few seconds, scared the sh*t out of me

I can imagine. I’ve yet to have an engine failure (especially just after departing) knock on wood.

I think the worst for me ended up being a non event but for about 3 or 4 minutes it was scary. I was flying with a freind of mine (who was a CFI about 15 years ago but just now starting to fly again after a long hiatus), and our two boys. We had been airborne for about 1/2 hour and were about 10 miles from our destination at about 4000AGL (4500MSL). We both smelled something hot and electric smelling. The smell lingered. Everything appeared to be functioning normally, and temps and such were in the green, ammeter was fine, we never saw a fire. This lasted probably 3 or 4 minutes until we finally got over it. Visibility was decent and we never saw any smoke on the ground. The only thing we guessed is that we flew over some farm where they were burning tires or something of the like. Just the thought of the kids in back and such was a little frightening.

I know this story definitely won’t be the most dramatic or interesting, but it was definitely a weird feeling for a while!

This one time, I was on a plane with nothing but male flight attendants…


I’ve had a few warnings like engine fire alert when I had a Duke about 15 years ago on departure. The worst warning I had was about 5 months ago departing into freezing fog in Bend, OR when I experienced an AHRS failure in the Bonanza. Good thing I remembered how to read the good ole steam gauges :laughing: Other than that, just the occasional gear retraction issues. The weirdest “issue” was going through a military area in the California desert (Trona corridor for those who know where it is) as I got hit by a military exercise attempting to jam electronic devices. And jam it did…knocked the alternator off line but a simple turn off and back on cured it! Overall, I’ve been lucky and would like to keep it that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, …were they cute?

now I just threw-up in my mouth a little. thanks

Guess that would be better of the “two evils” :smiling_imp:

:laughing: I’m sure I’ll get into a “that’s not a very PC comment” battle here coming up so I’ll end up paying for trying to be funny!

I guess you can say that I’ve had a more then exciting career. I was run over by a goose while flying a C210 at 4,000 at night over St Louis MO

All I can say is, how did it taste and did it max you out in Area B when it came aboard?

I’ll look for the picture I have of the inside of the AC- it looks like someone was killed with a chainsaw. I was pretty scary.

Wow, you were lucky, looks like that hit right between the left and right seat. One of the things that I’ve always thought about birdstrikes is that the windscreen really wouldn’t do anything to slow it down…did it slow the bird down? I mean, at cruise in a 210 whats that about 130kts ish maybe more, hitting at 130kts would mean the bird was standing still. Did it go flying to the real cargo there or did the windscreen stop it pretty well?

Wondering if Im gonna get seated between 2 double wide passengers or someone from a “far side” cartoon.
Actually, certifying an aircraft with the FAA. wasnt exactly scary but the same stress level as something scary.