N2467Y Piper Turbo Saratoga - down in Everglades . . .

Flightaware Flight Tracker N2467Y a Piper Saratoga 301T is missing and down in the Everglades.

Status is currently unknown and was flying from Gainsville to Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport this evening.

Pilot had reported engine problems around 18:00 local time.

Flightaware photo by Miguelation

Crash site located in the marshlands West of U.S. 27 just South of the Broward-Palm Beach County Line.

Local police are reporting one fatality but no further details.

where did you read one fatality?


Miami Hearld update reports one fatality. (and mentions Flightaware).

This is probably not going to turn out well, thoughts and prayers…

Unfortunately police are reporting four fatalities. Crash site was located using an air-boat.

I had hoped they were able to make a forced landing into the Everglades, but this sounds like it will be an exhaustive, and lengthy investigation.

I used to fly a little Tomahawk around the Everglades and know the area well.

A sad conclusion to the search.

Agreed… terrible part of the state, sawgrass, snakes, gators. the worst. I as well use to fly a little T-HAWK out of (KHWO) Pelican Avaition…you familiar with it robbeid?

Google Maps the parking area is where the little flight school used to be, it had 3 tomahawks and a cherokee. The trailer next to it was National Jets, which had 5 Lears at the time - none of the buildings were there!! (1987).

We used to head up the coast, turn left at the Galt Ocean Mile, and head to our practice area over the Everglades. No, I haven’t been to your airport, but I am familiar with it. My favorites are Opa Locka and 'Ft. Lauderdale Executive.

the aircraft was heading to FXE why did you put up a map of FLL?

I was answering the post above mine. It refers to a flying clubs location at FLL that I used to fly out of - the parking area is where it was once located.

Yeap…used to bounce FXE from HWO in 84-85. Used to park at 94 AeroSquadron and have dinner with my dates. Small world.

Does anyone know if conditions were IMC or VMC yet for the Saratoga?

Good historical weather sites.


Not sure when yesterday’s synoptic weather maps show up on the web.

There were isolated cells but it was VFR all day

Click the Miami Herald link above to see pictures

miamiherald.com/news/broward … 44085.html
More on the story. If you want to keep reading something that will absolutely infuriate you…read the comments section at the bottom from these F-ING INBREDS :imp:

Actually, I got a chuckle out of the comments. General public really just don’t know the intimate details it takes for a plane to leave the ground, fly and land safely.

Of course this doesn’t take away the tragic outcome of the flight, and I have not lost fact on that, but the comments on the story above, well, simply comical in my eyes.

Would have to agree. Ignorance has no bounds.

Very tragic for this guy and his family.

After reading those so insightful comments I must say that’s ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

One of the posters has a point- that is a pretty big hole in the ground for just a total loss of power.