Tail-wheel or Tricycle

What do you like best, tail-wheel or tricycle gear. And, can you tell me a little about the differences between the two, as far as the take-off role and landing.

Well, the role of the gear is to keep the belly of the aircraft off the ground and to keep you from ruining the paint job. It also provides a efficient way to move the aircraft from place to place. This would apply on both takeoff and landing.

Ohhhh, I did not know that. Hmmm!

I just answered your question, as you stated it.

I asked about the difference between the two. You did not answer that…

Good point. My bad. The ROLE of the gear during take off is to allow the aircraft to gain speed in an efficient manner so the aircraft can get off the ground. In landing, the ROLE of the gear is to provide a gentle (sometimes) way to let friction and drag do their job and slow the aircraft down while providing an easy way to control the direction of the aircraft once on the ground.

That would be the difference in the ROLE of the gear.

Tailwheels are like backwards wheel barrels. They tend to wag their tails too much if you go too fast and don’t walk correctly in the cockpit

Tricycles are like wheel barrels going forward. They tend to wobble if you go to fast and dont don’t walk correctly in the cockpit. :smiley:

Pike, chime in anytime with your ROLE assesment :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I think you both stated the “role” of the gear and the differences quite eloquently. But hey thats just me. :wink:

Pitiful… :open_mouth:

Must be the “roll” of the brains that are giving you the response of the “role” of the gear. :smiley:

You got the point…

One will make a driver out of you, the other will make you a pilot.

John in Saudi

Hey Y’all-

Lets lay off Will, I know some of his posts are, innocuous, mundane and sometimes annoying. BUT regardless he is still a person that is interested in aviation and we shouldn’t discount someone because he asks questions, no matter if they seem like a school boy that seeks attention.
He has been acused of posting just to get his post count up, and in general most people poke fun or are just plain rude to him. It’s worse then Frank treats Allen.
I for one have accepted that Will is a member of FA and that no matter what he has just as much right to be here as anyone of us.

Now to answer your question will-

I leaned to fly in a Taildragger. Hence real men fly taildraggers. I have found in that MOST pilots that have extensive (500+ hours) of tailwheel exp are much better “stick and rudder” pilots.

My banter really has been “tongue in cheek”, no harm or fowl/foul (or any other spelling) meant by me and I honestly believe it’s the same for others that have participated.

Actually kinda refreshing to see a one word response from Will, no thinking needed on my end as a reader.

Keep me (us?) flying straight as we do need the reminders once in awhile. :wink:

Thank you very much.

“stuck and rudder” pilots?

or leaned on tail draggers? :wink:

He just trying to make me feel better, that’s ok flyboy, don’t do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

See? He likes the abuse.

No, but you don’t have to give it to flyboy.