Twin Engine Cessna 310 Near Crash Poll

The 310’s Nose Wheel Had Been Not Locking For Over An Hour And While Preparing To Land The Nose On The Ground The Nose Wheel Poped Down Clicked Locked And Then Touched Down Perfectly. :open_mouth:

Pretty common in some aircraft models. The nose gear linkage must move past center to lock. The slip stream will prevent that if something is weak (spring?). When the slip stream is reduced, rolling on the mains nose high, the gear will sometimes move forward and lock.

I Dont Know. This Way Of Typing Is Actually Quite Tiresome. I’m Worried About Wearing Out My Shift Key.

Never Thought Of That :blush:

The lock bar was what broke. i think it broke when the gear went up. the slipstream thing makes sence though.

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You have a good point but i don’t usualy bother with spell check cause my spelling is ussauly somessed up it takes longer to spellcheck it than it doese to type


On aircraft w/ mechanical gear like the 310 it’s quite rare.
The gear all move together and lock down together.
Something has to be broken or bent for any combination to lock down with some unlocked.
Once part of the gear broken or bent your usually screwed and this person got lucky.

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The landing gear on the 310 is notoriously difficult to rig properly. If things aren’t just right they tend to be a bit difficult.

I don’t deny this. I’ve never said spell checking is perfect. I also accept that at times my grammar hasn’t been great. However, I try not to make excuses for blatantly bad grammar nor do I boast about not being able to spell like some others do.

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Specifically older 310’s. There are literally shops that specialize in 310 landing gear and their “ghosts.” There’s dozens of sequencing valves in those things.

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