Cessna 310P N5918M nose gear collaspe video - Tampa FL


[] N5918M ](http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f85_1179773389) Liveleak video[ ]photos and video](http://www.tampabays10.com/news/local/article.aspx?storyid=55269)

[ ]FAA](http://www.faa.gov/data_statistics/accident_incident/preliminary_data/events01/media/02_5918M.txt) preliminary report


Watch that last step when exiting the plane… it’s a doozie!
Nice landing by the pilot - minimized repair costs. Still, it’s gotta give the owner a sick feeling to see that happen.



Yeah, nice job stopping the props before touching down. It should prevent having to overhaul the engines. This way only two prop blades and some skin need repair. (and maybe a few ribs in the nose cone.)


Dunno, it look to me the props were turning when it nosed over. Was it because the props were windmilling inspite of the relative slow airspeed?

Anyway I look at it, the pilot did what he was suppose to do and that was fly it til it quit flying. Did a great job holding the nose up, though going on memory, not sure if the tail touch the runway as he pulled back several times pretty hard on the yoke keeping the nose up. Don’t remember sparks or anything like that.

There was another king air gear up landing where the pilot feathered the props as he crossed the numbers and you could clearly see the props were stopped as he flew the plane down through ground effect. If I remember as he crossed the runway threshold, he feathered the props.

Of course, me being a single engine piston jockey, easier to Monday nite quarterback then flying the emergency, so take it for what it’s worth.

Don’t have the link handy here, but can get the link at home or if anybody wants the video, I do have the video on my hard drive.





I think I would have made a bit more hast getting out of the airplane, there air fuel lines up there after all (Janitrol cabin heater), and who knows what might happen.

And, IMO you don’t feather the props. (looks like they were turning to me too, might have been in cutoff but I’m not sured they were feathered). I know they save the engine, but either way you’re going to have a airframe deductable. With the props feathered you are left with 0 options if something doesn’t look/feel right. Not to mention that feathering the props would creates less drag, which would cause your a/c to accelerate or at least slow the deceleration, which could lead to a longer landing roll. Of course in this case he had he mains which met he had breaking, but in the case of complete gear failure bare metal is pretty slick.