Beechcraft 95 Lands Safely with Unlocked Nose Gear - Video


Great landing!

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A plane landed safely at the Arlington Municipal Airport Wednesday afternoon after declaring an emergency.

According to Karen VanWinkle, the assistant airport manager, the front nose landing gear on the 1959 Beechcraft 95 was not locking into place when the landing gears were extended.

Chopper 5 was overhead when the plane touched down, catching on video the harrowing moments as the gear continued to collapse and bounce around after touchdown.

The pilot managed to keep the aircraft’s weight on the back landing gears as the aircraft slowed to a crawl, preventing the plane’s nose from smashing into the runway.

With the plane stopped, the pilot was able to safely exit the aircraft as emergency crews began to surround the plane.

No injuries were reported in the emergency landing.


Cool video and nice landing! Good thing the pilot was able “to keep the aircraft’s weight on the back landing gears”…


Brilliant idea to stop the engines on final. Well done Sir!


That was great! I can’t believe it didn’t collapse.


The gear could very well be down and locked in many of these situations. Obviously not in THIS one, but quite often.

Many times these problems are indicator issues, not actual gear malfunctions. From the cockpit it doesn’t really matter, you always assume the gear is malfunctioning. But frequently it is a switch or wire or some other part of the indicating system that has gone bad.

Nice job though. Saved himself a lot of money.


Looks like the nose landing gear forward retract rod shear pin was sheared.


The rod end on the nose retract rod might have also blown apart, they should be changed every 2000 hours.