Nicely executed gear up landing




Information reported to date is that the crew had an unsafe landing gear indication on approach into Wellington. The crew diverted to Woodbourne/Blenheim Airport (BHE) where an intentional wheels up landing was made. Date of incident; June 18,2007, with 2 crew and 15 passengers on board.

Happy Holiday story, and excellent piloting skills!


Nicely done!



I’ve never flown a 1900, but from what I’m told the main gear actually protrudes from the bottom of the wells (not that unusual). The gear actually will roll in the case of a gear up landing, and “normal” breaking is available.

Like I said, this is what I was told, might be complete BS. But if it is true, you learned a new interesting tid-bit.

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I don’t know about the braking aspect (interesting!), but they do extend out of the wells, even when retracted:



Like I previously mentioned in another thread:

Talking about belly-landing. I just remembered a comment from my CFI back in training.
He said there were two kinds of pilots. Those who have belly-landed, and those who will.